Do you have a Will or is it outdated? There is a large majority of people who either do not have a Will or if they do, they have not looked at it for years. With changing circumstances, it may be well out of date and in need of a substantial make over. Wills are essential to make sure that your assets are distributed and go to those you want, and to avoid lengthy and costly litigation that 1can erode your estate’s value or cost undue hardship to those close to you. In some circumstances, your estate could even go to the Court!

Dying without a Will more than likely will have the result that your estate is not distributed how you would have wanted. You can name guardians for your children, establish trusts and donate to worthy charities through the use of your Will.

You should review your Will at least every 2 or 3 years and whenever life circumstances change. If you get married, divorced, there are new children or grandchildren or an executor or beneficiary dies, you should review your Will and make any changes that the circumstances warrant.

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