Buying or selling a residential property can be one of the most significant transactions that most people will undertake. At Murray Mazza, we are with you all the way from start to finish, offering  advice at every stage of the process, ensuring our clients’ interests are protected, while at the same time, keeping costs to a minimum.
Murray Mazza Lawyers will:

  1. Explain the legal differences between buying and selling?
  2. Advise you about your sale agreement and assist with any special conditions. 1
  3. Liaising with your real estate agent and lawyers representing other parties to your transaction.
  4. Organize the relevant searches, inspections and enquiries to make sure you know what you are buying.
  5. Review all costs you can expect to pay including taxes.
  6. We can assist you in meeting the lender's requirements including discharging existing mortgages on sales and calculating settlement figures.
  7. If you are a first home buyer or buying your own residence to live in, we will advise you as to your eligibility for the First Home Owners Grant and any tax exemptions or concessions.
  8. Make all settlement arrangements.
  9. Advising of the benefits of title insurance.
Disbursements are additional to professional costs. Determining which disbursements are required depends on the contract, your needs and any requirements your lender may have. You will also have to pay GST on some disbursements.